Displacement Field Technologies Inc.

About Us

Here at Displacement Filed Technologies we are a group of scientist and engineers that are dedicated to upending today’s world with our breakthrough propulsion systems. Our disruptive technology is poised to change our world forever. We want you to know all about it and hopefully help us implement it.


We are bringing our revolutionary theories, data, designs, and technology to you through this website and others. We hope this gives you the opportunity to be a part of this change. Thank you for visiting Displacement Field technologies and come join us at changing our world for the better

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About Our Technology

Our breakthrough technology is based on the changes to electric fields from the effects of relativity due to relative motion. This allows two charged elements to see different electric fields from there inertial frames of reference. If these charged elements are mechanically connected, this allows for the generation of a residual force that can be used to effect motion of the mechanical assembly. Or to generate thrust that a propulsion device can use.

The Static Displacement Field Drive uses 2 charged disks in relative motion with two different types of coatings on. These two different coatings create two different electric fields from their motion. This is diagramed below:

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This causes the assembly to experience an axial force that can be used to generate thrust on a spacecraft. To generate this force a counter drag force is created on the rotating of the disks.